Emea residential market report.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are convinced that solid market knowledge is a vital factor in economically sustainable investment decisions. The first residential property market report by CBRE on the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) therefore presents a detailed overview of the 16 most important national markets and their urban centres.

Highlights of the country profiles are the interviews with well-known housing market experts, who comment on the current hot topics in the housing sector, the trends of supply, demand and prices in the near future and the characteristics of growth markets
The core result of our report is that, despite continuing globalisation of the real estate industry and stronger cross-border interplay between the real estate and capital markets, the national markets are still dominated by national and regional characteristics.

Through our analysis of market indices, socioeconomic conditions and demographic trends, a complex and profound structural change in the various housing markets is revealed. The rental market is gaining considerably in importance over ownership, due to affordability factors, as well as the more flexible lifestyle it offers, in particular for younger people.

This primarily applies to the overheated markets in major cities, where higher employment opportunities and quality of life are bringing about strong population inflows. Both the importance of institutional investors and the size of the private letting market, in comparison with the state-controlled segment, vary considerably between countries and have strong influence on the availability of adequate numbers of housing units.

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