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We believe that in order to create successful investments we need to understand how people want to live – wherever they are and through every stage of their lives. 

We lead the way in the student accommodation, residential and alternative accommodation sectors. As a trusted property management partner for global investors, we have managed 140k units and been at the forefront of operationalising real estate investments for over 15 years, driving rental growth, minimising operational costs and enhancing NOI.

Here's how we do it:

We know the concept of home is evolving.

In an ever-evolving sector, we always consider how people want to live, how they want to interact as communities and how we can do the best for them and our investors. Continuing to ask these questions for each project, underpins everything we do.

We focus on good design to enable customers' wellbeing and safety and how we can implement ESG into every building. We are an expert landlord and understand what creates a perfect rental property, making us an informed partner for our investors and preferred landlord for our residents. We carefully choose our locations, design and build our developments, and as a long-term property manager we are committed to delivering our customers superior service, hospitality and amenities where no detail is overlooked.

We invest in technologies. 

We work closely with Round Hill Ventures to find innovative technology solutions that enhance our services and support our customers’ growing needs. We have also invested in our own proprietary leasing and property management software, fully tailored to our business model to meet the requirements of both our investors and our residents.

We are reactive and collaborative.

As a vertically integrated firm, our insights inform our investments; our experience means we can move into new regions with ease. With offices in all of our core markets, we have deep local insights from our team of on-the-ground property management professionals which is critical to our success. 


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The Nido difference

Established in 2007, Nido is the award-winning operating brand of Round Hill Capital. Attracting residents from more than 100 countries and over 150+ institutions, Nido currently manages assets across the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Denmark.

Nido residences are thoughtfully designed and shaped by customer insights and a service led approach to create communities and a lifestyle experience that enables its residents to grow academically and personally in a safe environment centred around wellbeing.

ESG factors are carefully considered and incorporated into the design, development and operation of each Nido asset. Working closely with its partners and residents, Nido encourages sustainable behaviours with an educational agenda and initiatives to reduce energy consumption and waste, and use recycled, reclaimed or biodegradable materials wherever possible, striving to have a positive social and environmental impact in each location.

Nido's team, systems, operational capabilities, and focus on customer experience help investors derive the maximum value from investments ranging from mobilising and leasing buildings to implementing capex programmes.


Responsible property management

Our company values and strategies are intertwined with our approach to ESG, ensuring that we deliver our investment goals, while supporting the issues that are important to our business partners and wider society.

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