Thinking Bigger

Thinking bigger is one of our company values, so our approach to ESG is one of the many ways we aim to be better investors and better corporate citizens. Our vision is to create long term financial and social value by building thriving communities around real estate.  

ESG: The foundation of our strategic approach

ESG is considered in every part of our business from investments to employee wellbeing and resident engagement - because we have embedded it in our three strategic pillars: 


Innovation is needed to meet the requirements of any climate change roadmap. We continually test new approaches and technologies to reduce our environmental impact in both the development and use of our buildings, and how we operate as a company.


Our unique vertically integrated structure and global reach makes us perfectly placed to see ESG from fresh angles. We leverage our proprietary Global Control Process to ensure ESG governance and reporting are embedded at every stage of investment, asset management, development and operations. 


People are at the centre of everything we do – from our residents to our employees, investors and partners. It's essential that we are listening to their needs and finding ways to build stronger teams and communities around our buildings.

Consumer & stakeholder engagement


Consumer & stakeholder engagement

Our relationships with our investors, residents, employees and external partners are a driving force behind our ESG strategy, because one of our company values is to "succeed fairly" so we need to be the best for the people we work with and on behalf of.

We believe it all starts with regular engagement to ensure we continually understand our stakeholder needs. We take a collaborative approach with investors, exchanging insights from all our functional experts. We generate consumer insights from our research, operational teams and regular surveys to improve resident satisfaction within their homes or our community programs.

Similarly, we focus on engaging with our employees and external partners (local soul, experts, industry bodies) and offer frequent training opportunities to build a responsible and conscious team of individuals.

Climate change roadmap


Climate change roadmap

We have established a programme of initiatives that continually tests approaches and technologies to reduce our carbon footprint in both the development and use of our buildings.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental risks by ensuring that we build and operate according to green certification schemes. We are always working to monitor our portfolio and build our understanding of the data that will shape the future strategy of carbon reduction. The next milestone will be the launch of our Net Zero Carbon Pathway.

End-to-end management of ESG


End-to-end management of ESG

We use our unique vertically integrated structure and proprietary Global Control Process to ensure leading ESG governance and reporting at every stage of the value chain.

From the smallest detail to large-scale projects, we harness the experience and knowledge of our network of employees, affiliate businesses and third parties to leverage technology to help drive change. 

We aim to improve our scores on the widely recognised standards of UN PRI and GRESB by embedding ESG throughout the business and tracking metrics centrally. We will drive change by expanding accreditation and performance tools across our assets under management. 

Key Milestones


Round Hill Ventures leads a $10 million funding round in Kterio. Kterio’s proprietary Building Digital Operating System (B-DOS) platform is designed to digitally manage commercial and industrial buildings, allowing owners and managers to better manage their building assets, and significantly reduce operating costs. By monitoring buildings in real-time, Kterio can reduce energy usage by up to 15%.


Nido launch “The Nido Charter” aimed at ensuring all stakeholders adhere to a common framework when living at, visiting or working with Nido.


Nido Student, Round Hill Capital's student accommodation brand, partners with Spike Global – resident engagement software provider.

Nido partner with a Psychologist to provide residents with wellbeing support and resources – the first PBSA provider to do so.


RHC’s first development project to achieve NZEB status – Bridgefield, Dublin.

RHC lead consortium to deliver Eco-community of 6,000 highly sustainable new homes in Utrecht (3,000 affordable).


RHC commits to GRESB reporting for selected platforms and comingled funds.

RHC submit first UN PRI Report.

RHC pilots EMS system and partners with Environmental data specialist.


Round Hill Ventures launched and hosted a bi-monthly education series called ‘VC Lead Ladies’ which enabled a knowledge exchange between female VCs and women in tech.

Round Hill Ventures joins the Fightback Alliance, a decarbonisation initiative uniting industry leaders.


Tenant Satisfaction surveys launched for all residents.

Employee Wellbeing Surveys Launched during COVID-19.


RHC launches Round Hill Ventures – an impact conscious venture capital fund focussed on built environment technologies.


Nido win “The Class - Best in Class” award for Sustainable Property


RHC Partners with Affiliated Development to deliver The MID – a workforce Housing development in Florida offering discounted rental units to the growing workforce population.


RHC becomes signatory of UN PRI


RHC joins considerate constructors scheme for all UK development projects


Nido launches Environmental Education Agenda for residents and staff ensuring awareness and action on energy consumption and waste reduction.

Nido commits to all promotional merchandise being sustainable and reusable – bamboo toothbrushes, reusable coffee cups, fairtrade tote bags, social plastic bottles – all sourced using B-Corp Suppliers.


RHC sponsors and participates in Glass Door’s “Big Sleep Out” raising funds and awareness for homelessness in London

Our commitments

Our ESG strategy

Our strategy reflects our considered response to the many drivers of change in the global economy and urban environment, from the demographic and technological forces that are changing the shape and function of cities, to the destabilising effects of climate change and resource depletion on real assets and consequently, capital markets.

Round Hill Capital ESG Strategy 2022

Our ESG policy

The purpose of our ESG policy is to provide global guiding principles to inform and define the ESG scope and our stewardship approach in the local businesses in which RHC invests and operates.

We constantly monitor the effectiveness of our ESG policy, updating and modifying it as necessary in accordance with investors’ requirements, changes in the relevant legislations and wider stakeholders’ expectations.

ESG policy